Models Wanted.

Lifestyle Models for stock photography.

Examples of my Stock Lifestyle Photography.

Due to the collapse of revenue from Stock Photography
it is no longer viable for me to hire Models for lifestyle imagery.

Modeling FAQ.

Common Questions;

Q. How will the Photographs get used?

A. A selection of edited images from our shoot will go into my stock portfolio's, currently at and .
In the future, these may be moved to other stock agencies such as StocksyShutterstockAdobe Stock Etc.
These images will then be available for licence worldwide.
If an image gets licensed, it can be used many ways, newspaper articles, websites, leaflets, blogs, advertising etc.

Q. Do I get paid?

A. Currently, I can offer trade photo shoots, re-touched portfolio photographs or images for your business in exchange for a selection of photographs for my stock portfolio with a signed model release. I can offer a small fee to models with an in-demand look. Due to a lack of revenue from stock imagery, it is difficult to provide more.

Q. Do I need to be beautiful/handsome like fashion models?

A. No, the trends are for real looking people, you have to be relaxed and natural looking in the photographs. Models need to look camera unaware in the shots.

Q. Could the photo's be used for something unpleasant like an escort website?

A. Short answer, anything is possible, I can't make any guarantees where an image gets used.
Longer answer, licensing purchasers are not meant to add a message claiming it came from the model or use the images for sensitive subjects.
However, unfortunately, images get stolen and used illegally, and sometimes licensees break the rules.

Here is a humorous story from the Guardian Newspaper, be sure to read it,
"What's the worst that could happen. . ."
In reality, unless you go looking, you’re unlikely to see the images in use.
In the last 11 years of shooting stock Photographs with over 70'000 images licences, I’ve seen my work in use probably less than 30 times.

If you would like more information or are interested in modelling for stock photographs,
please email me at
Please describe yourself, include a picture and any previous experience and the kind of images you would like produced for yourself in return.

I'm based near Lancaster, but travel to Newquay, Cornwall once or more a year, usually in June and September.

A signed Model release is a requirement for all Model Shoots; please take the time to read and understand the release before the shoot.
Example Model Release here.

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All Photography (C) John Shepherd | No commercial use without an appropriate licence.