About John Shepherd Photography.

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I'm a Photographer primarily creating Stock imagery for my portfolio at Getty Images and Istockphoto.

Images from these portfolios have been licensed worldwide for commercial use over 70,000 times.

Based near Lancaster, and I love Cornwall.

Many of my photographs feature this beautiful county, they have been licensed by the Sunday Times Newspaper, by various holiday companies, property developers, clothing retailers, airlines and other Cornish based businesses.

Stock photography has become extremely challenging with images licenced in many cases for pennies. It's an odd game; it's often quite strange what sells, flushing toilets, one of my best earners!

I stick with it, for now, topping up my earning while working in a cafe, hence why my portfolio is full of coffee and cake pictures.

And if I could do anything . . . . I'd like a photography trip to New York, I'd love to visit California, especially the Venice Beach area, and I'm obsessed with midcentury architecture. Palm Springs  . . . I wannnnnnaaaa stay here : ) . . . . . . Creating lifestyle images in a home like this would be incredible too. (Rent the house here.) 

Back to my reality,

If you are interested in modelling for stock lifestyle imagery, in Cornwall or around the Lancaster area, read this and get in touch. 

Do you create gorgeous looking food and would like it photographed? Maybe we could collaborate?

Are you a small business in the Cornwall or Lancaster area? Do you need a photographer? If so, please get in contact.

Examples of my “non” stock photography work.

View my photographic artwork on Society6.com.
View my Stock Photography exclusivley at istockphoto.com.

All Photography (C) John Shepherd | No commercial use without an appropriate licence.